AIAS Foundation

Investing in the growth and expansion of the Interactive Entertainment community benefits us all. We could not accomplish our goals without the support, involvement and enthusiasm of our supporters.

Program and Grant Supporters
Gregory Beaumont
Lauren Beaumont
Bigglesworth Foundation
Insomniac Games
Naughty Dog
Magic Leap
Niantic Labs
Sony Santa Monica Studio
Other Supporters
Meshari Alhajji
Mike Almeida
Amazon Game Studios
Anthos Capital
Michele Assitani
Stacey Avery
Jeronimo Barrera
Justin Berenbaum
Mike Bilder
Connie Booth
Tara Bruno
Michael Capps
Yuliana Chavez
Don Daglow
Ross Dannenberg
Neela Dass
Susan Dietrich
Jesse Divnich
George Donovan
Sloane Earl
Kate Edwards
Kirsty Endfield
Michele Gage
Lindsay Gupton
Glenn Fiedler
Tracy Fullerton
Lyle Hall
Andrea Harrod
Scott Hartsman
Ian Howe
Patrick Hudson
Rami Ismail
Hiro Ito
Lee Jacobson
Sean Kane
Perrin Kaplan
Sally Kawano
Jon Kimmich
Dave Lang
Jon Leslie
Beth Llewellyn
Craig Madsen
Carlos Martin
Mike McDonald
Daniel Murray
Kurt Nipp
John O'Connell
Alex Olshonsky
Igor Onishchenko
Dave Oshry
Michael Pachter
Mihai Pohontu
Martin Rae
Jade Raymond
Ready at Dawn
Harold Riegler
Harold Ryan
Kellee Santiago
Slightly Mad Studios
Lyn Soo Hoo
Phillip Spencer
Shannon Studsill
Mark Subotnick
Super Bit Machine
Patrick Sweeney
Norma Takahashi
Team EchoFox
Pat Vance
Greg Voelcker
Brian Waddle
Mike Walsh
Ru Weerasuriya
Noah Whinston
Careen Yapp
Phyllis Yoshimoto
Kelly Zmak
Michael Zyda