Grant Support

Interested in supporting the Foundation with a grant?

Grants provide much-needed support to the AIAS Foundation scholars and mentees who attend D.I.C.E. Summit as part of our scholarship and mentor programs. These programs target diverse and underserved communities within the interactive entertainment industry. Thanks to these grants, we are able to provide flights, hotels, and two full-time staff members for student scholars and early-career game developers. 

Scholars are able to participate in all the key activities at D.I.C.E. Summit including high level networking with industry professionals and meeting with mentors who can guide them and help them meet people for hiring purposes. 

Scholars attend workshops where they develop career skills, learn from industry professionals, formulate career objectives, develop soft skills like writing a biography and resume, and learn how to create strong network among their peers. 

Feedback from the students and pictures can be seen on our website here

Grants also contribute to the Amplifying New Voices program (ANV). This program provides professional training to mid-career, underrepresented game developers in an effort to foster the next generation of diverse industry leaders. 

For more information, please contact [email protected].