Academy Foundation Scholarships

Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is the scholarship award?

A:  All scholarships through the AIASF are for $2,500.  The amount of scholarships awarded each round varies, however in the past the Mark Beaumont and Randy Pausch scholarships average two awards and the WomenIn scholarship averages 10.

Q: Can I apply to more than one scholarship? 

A:  While you can technically apply to both the Pausch and Beaumont Scholarships, they are for two different career paths within the video game industry.  The Randy Pausch Scholarship is for individuals pursuing elements of game development, such as art, animation, programming, engineering, game direction, game design, sound design, and music composition.  The Mark Beaumont Scholarship is for individuals that are looking to pursue business roles within the industry including executive leadership, law, marketing, public relations, and business development.  We suggest focusing on one opportunity and making it a very strong submission. 

Applicants that submit identical applications for multiple funds will not be considered.

Q: Can I apply to these scholarships if I do not intend to work in the video game industry but am interested in law, marketing, art or design for other industries? 

A:  Applicants pursuing careers outside of the video games industry will not be considered. 

Q: Can application items be submitted separately? 

A:  Application materials must be submitted electronically through the online application form.  The exception to this is official transcripts.  If you have issues with letters of recommendation, please contact

Transcripts must be official and sealed.  Printed transcripts from your school’s website and unofficial transcripts will not be accepted.  Recommendation letters and transcripts may be sent directly from the issuing party or by the applicant themselves as part of a larger packet.  

Q: If I apply to more than one scholarship, can I provide one set of transcripts and recommendation letters? 

A: While we discourage you from submitting applications to multiple opportunities, we require full application packages for each program.  This means you must provide a sealed official transcript and separate letters of recommendation for each program.  Copies of the same letters of recommendation will not be accepted. 

Q: Can I email my application package? 

A: All scholarship applications must be submitted using the online form. 

Q: Can my cumulative GPA be lower than 3.3 if my GPA within my major is 3.3 or higher? 

A: Your cumulative GPA must be 3.3.  All submissions with a lower GPA will not be considered. 

Q: Who qualifies to submit a letter of recommendation on my behalf? 

A:  Letters of recommendation must come from someone who has served in an academic or professional advisory/supervisorial role.  This means that only letters from professors and supervisors will be accepted.  Letters from colleagues, long-time friends and acquaintances will not be accepted. 

Q: What qualifies as verification of enrollment for the 2019-2020 year? 

A: You may submit your schedule print out, a letter from your school’s registrar, or a transcript that shows current enrollment. 

Please email with any additional questions.