AIAS Foundation Scholarships

Q: How much is the scholarship award? 

A:  The student scholarship winners will each receive $2,500 while professional scholars will receive a travel stipend to another video games conference. All scholars participate in a year-long mentorship program and are eligible to participate in a professional training and networking opportunity at the 2021 D.I.C.E. Summit and 24th D.I.C.E. Awards show.  

Q: Can I apply to these scholarships if I do not intend to work in the video game industry but am interested in law, marketing, art or design for other industries? 

A:  Applicants pursuing careers outside of the video games industry will not be considered. 

Q: Can application items be submitted separately? 

A:  Application materials must be submitted electronically through the online application form.  If you have issues with letters of recommendation, please contact

Q: If I apply to more than one scholarship, can I provide one set of transcripts and recommendation letters? 

A: While we discourage you from submitting applications to multiple opportunities, we require full application packages for each program.  This means you must provide a transcript and separate letters of recommendation for each program.  Copies of the same letters of recommendation will not be accepted. 

Q: Can I email my application package? 

A: All scholarship applications must be submitted using the online form. 

Q: Can my cumulative GPA be lower than 3.3 if my GPA within my major is 3.3 or higher? 

A: Your cumulative GPA must be 3.3.  All submissions with a lower GPA will not be considered. 

Q: Who qualifies to submit a letter of recommendation on my behalf? 

A:  Letters of recommendation must come from someone who has served in an academic or professional advisory/supervisorial role.  This means that only letters from professors and supervisors will be accepted.  Letters from colleagues, long-time friends and acquaintances will not be accepted. 

Q: What qualifies as verification of enrollment? 

A: You may submit your schedule print out, a letter from your school’s registrar, or a transcript that shows current enrollment. 

Please email with any additional questions.